Sunday, 1 January 2012

UK Anime Releases - 2nd January to 8th January

Hello, and welcome to 2012! It has been a busy last year for me, and no doubt many of you too, and hopefully 2012 will be amazing year.

First post of the new year is for the new anime releases this week, and this will be a very short one as their appears to be only one release this week. It does however pick up a little bit next week, but it still seems quite slow at the moment (i suppose the Mangaka are allowed a little time off aswell ^_^)

2nd January
Cowboy Bebop Remix - Anime Legends Box Set (6 Disc)

It may be the only release this week, but i have just a quick look at what is on this disc and it will take over 10hours to watch all this collection, so will keep any Cowboy Bebop fans happy this week. 

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