Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Akihabara Cafe has Idol's Serving You Instant Ramen

 A shop in the 'Electric Town' of Tokyo, Akihabara, has started to hire Idol's as waitresses, who will serve any customers their instant ramen. The cafe is called Noodol Cafe and is due to open tomorrow (Wednesday 25th January). For 800 yen you will be able to get an Idol to pour boiling water on your instant ramen, and they will then talk to you for 3 minutes whilst the ramen is prepared.

The idols are all signed up with the Platinum Production agency, and you can choose which idol you would like to perform this service from the vending machine at the entrance of the store. This is a very common way for Japanese food establishments to get orders, but they have never been used to request an idol as well!

In the news report (below) one of the customers actually points out that it is cheaper to eat at the Noodol Cafe than a typical Maid Cafe, also found at Akihabara, as they usually charge 1000 yen for a similar service.