Saturday, 7 January 2012

Arrietty Interview Clip, and Opening Sequence

The UK Magazine recently uploaded an interview with the actor Mark Strong, who plays the role of Pod in UK dub of Studio Ghibli's newest film Arrietty which is due out this coming Monday (9th January). Mark Strong has also appeared in films such as Green Lantern and Sherlock Holmes. In his interview he describes Pod as "a very traditional, very manly guy who takes care of his family and, like a miner, on regular occasions has to go out into the big world and find stuff for his family to survive."

The second clip uploaded by SFX was of the opening sequence to the film, which shows Arrietty hurrying to her house under the floorboards of the human's home. If you have ever seen the live-action film The Borrowers you will notice a few similarities with it, as they are both the same story.

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