Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Final Fantasy X to be remade for PS3 and PS Vita

New information has been released regarding a PS3 and PS Vita port of the Square Enix classic Final Fantasy X, which was the first Final Fantasy title to be released on the PS2 console.

According to the producer of Final Fantasy X, Yoshinori Kitase, this game will not be just another HD port, but in fact a remake!  The game itself will still play and look the same, but will make use of the updated hardware that the PS3 and PS Vita provide. Kitase-San only mentioned one other specific point, in that the shadings will be upgraded from the original shadings.

I personally hope that they do not change the battle system to the new system used in Final Fantasy 12 and 13, but use the classic turn-based system which was used in this game when it was first released.

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