Saturday, 4 February 2012

One Piece Chess Set - Pictures

Megahobby, a Japanese company who used to produce a popular range of Chess Piece Collection games, have made the decision to bring back the series. This relaunch will be started with the popular anime series One Piece getting the chess game makeover, which will be released in April.

As you can see, all the pieces are very well crafted and painted with such attention to detail that this would make a perfect present to any anime otaku, One Piece fan or not (i personally haven't watched much of One Piece but i love how this set looks).

All of the pieces measure at 3.5 inches (90mm) and come with either a black or white base. There are also some close-ups of the pieces below, where you can really see all the detail put into these pieces.

Naturally, Luffy is the king of the set:

Nami is the Queen piece:

Sanji plays the role of the Bishop:

Zoro is the Knight:

Usopp takes the position of Rook:

And, last but not least, Chopper takes the place of the pawn.


  1. Where can you buy a set?

  2. i think zoro is knight because he can't move straight... LOL

  3. how about the others? i thought it was complete one piece cast and the enemies are included..

  4. They are releasing a new set with the Shishibukai now.... a new set of 6 pieces (Trafalgar Law, Don Flamingo, Boa Hancock, Crocodile, Bartolomew Kuma) and are on sale now it seems (Haven't seen them in stores but saw online)

  5. Where can I buy this set? My husband is a huge fan and I cant find it. Please help!