Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Japanese Studies - 01/02/2012

Ohayou Gozaimasu Mina-San! (Good Morning Everyone!)

As you may have now noticed, i have put the 3 basic greetings at the beginning of the last 3 posts. If you are intending to learn Japanese it is very important that you know them, and use them at the correct time. I remember watching a documentary a while back where an Englishman went to Japan and entered a Ryoukan (Japanese Inn) in the evening and said 'Konnichiwa' to the owner, who then really laughed and said '....Konbanwa' which he then repeated. I'm sure not all Japanese people will react the same, but it's definitely a beginner's mistake.

Anyway, on with the last post of the evening. This is a further continuation of the series of a male and female character meeting each other in the park. This lesson started with the female character saying 'look, my dog is cute!', something she had mentioned in the previous episode, but the male character effectively saying '...anyway' and changing the subject, which made me laugh.

This lesson i will need to go over again, as i studied it this afternoon but do not seem to remember all of the phrases, so this will be revised tomorrow.

For the final time tonight, here is the picture of today's studies:

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