Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Japanese Studies - 07/02/2012

おはおう ございます!

Welcome to another of my posts about my studies of the Japanese language. よろしく おねがいします。
For yesterday's studies I decided to focus on some of the Kanji I will need to know for my JLPT N4 examination in December. The reasoning behind this is that I haven't studied any Kanji for over a month and was getting a little rusty.

I also revised all of the JLPT N5 kanji that I had crammed ready for my exam last year. Annoyingly I am still waiting for my results from that exam, but they are due to arrive in March, so fingers crossed!
Back on topic, the kanji I studied yesterday were the first 7 kanji of the N4 level. They actually looked a bit easier than some of the N5 kanji, especially the later ones (like the kanji for 'week', which even now i still sometimes forget, or get confused on...)

Side note: As i started to write this post this morning, and only ended up revising the kanji again this afternoon and didn't manage to learn any new kanji, this also applies to what i learnt today. A little lazy of me to include it in the same post, but it's starting to get late and i have to be up early for work in the morning lol.

Without further a do, here are the kanji that i learnt yesterday/today:

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  1. すごい!!!ヾ(≧∪≦*)ノ〃
    I want to learn Kanji too :)