Sunday, 5 February 2012

Life-Size Fist of the North Star Figure Sells for 3m Yen

A life-size figure of Kenshiro, the main character from classic anime Fist of the North Star, has sold in a Japanese auction for 3 million yen. However, 10% of the final bid has been donated to the Japanese Red Cross to help the country recover from the terrible earthquake and tsunami that hit the country last year. The figure is more than it seems though, as it happens to be inlaid with 500,000 Swarovski crystals also. The worth of the crystals alone is 10 million yen, so the man has got himself a bargain!

The winner of the auction was a self-employed married man in his 40s, who lives in Fujieda City in Shizukoa prefecture (Southwest of Tokyo). He said that all of his family are Fist of the North Star fans, stating "I'll make the statue a family heirloom". He also did receive his wife's consent to complete the purchase.

The figure itself is 73inches tall (185cm) and is now being protected by a custom-built case to ensure no dust ever gets on it, and it should also protect it from earthquakes.

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