Friday, 17 February 2012

Tekken Unlimited Tag Tournament 2 Trailer

At this week's AOU 2012 Expo taking place in Chiba, Japan, the company behind the Tekken computer game Namco Bandai had shown off a new trailer for the arcade version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which is being called Tekken Unlimited Tag Tournament 2. The trailer shows some new footage of the games physics, and includes the different ways you can play the game:

The arcade version of the game will include 44 different characters, and if you didn't watch the trailer above, will include the standard 2v2 match-up, a new 1v2 'handicap' fight, and a 4 player match (or 'pair play' mode). The game is due to be released in the Spring of 2012 in Japan.

For more information on the Tekken games, you can follow @Harada_Tekken on twitter.

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