Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Metal Gear Online Service to End on 4th Anniversary

Konami, the publisher of the amazing series Metal Gear Solid (developed by Kojima Productions), have announced that the Metal Gear Online segment of PS3 exclusive is due to come to a close on the 4th Anniversary of the games release.

However, they have announced that all of the expansion packs and shop equipment you can buy yourself will become free from 24th April. Although this is a Japanese press release it does mention it will be free to all players, so we can only assume this will mean players around the world can get the packs for free.

The service is due to turn off its servers at 11:59pm on 12th June, Japan Time, so if you want to play the game some more make sure it is before then. I think i will fire it up for the nostalgia, as i used to play it quite a bit when MGS4 was released, and the free packs will be another reason for me to do so.

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