Tuesday, 10 January 2012

'Binary Domain' Promotional Trailer Released

The trailer for Sega's newest title Binary Domain has been released recently on a DVD that came with the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu. The game is being developed by the Ryu ga Gotoku Studio, which has brought to you the Rya ga Gotoku series (or Yakuza if you are outside of Japan) and the footage shows that the character models do look quite similar to the Yakuza universe.

The video itself is 12 minutes long, and shows quite a bit of the story of the game. With the help of my JLPT N5 level Japanese, and the onscreen subtitles, the game is set in the year 2080 and robots are serving humans as many anime and movies predicted before it. Then something happens (Which i couldnt quite translate) and now the robots have turnt on their human overlords. It appears that it falls down to a crack five-man squad to neutralise the robots, and this consists of Roy Booten, Fay Lee, Charles Gregory, Rachel Townsend, and the robot Kain (i translated all of these from the subtitles onscreen, so these may change in the Western releases).

The trailer itself is quite fast-paced and shows plenty of action that will be possible in the game when it releases in Japan on 16th February. The studio have also announced that it will release a short film called Binary Domain Assault-Kan on 13th January also.