Sunday, 15 April 2012

Pokemon Black and White 2 Gameplay Trailer Released

As most of you may know by now, I am a bit of a Pokemon fan. I've been playing ever since Pokemon Red when I had just entered secondary school (around the age of 11 for those who use a different school system from the UK) and instantly fell in love with it. However, the new games Pokemon Black and White 2 didn't appear to be doing it for me and I thought I had finally 'grown up' and lost my love for the game.... until I saw the new gameplay trailer.

There were a few details released earlier in the week in CoroCoro magazine that showed a few of the new additions (new legendary pokemon, new trainers, new rival, new professor, new gym leaders etc). The game still takes place in the Unova region, the same as Pokemon Black and White, but the game starts in the new Hiougi City. The new professor of the game is Professor Akuroma, who wants to do some research on Pokemon strength. This is obviously just a precursor to you Catching 'em All though, as it has been in all the games before it.

Here is the gameplay trailer for the new games:

The reason that I think this game might be makingme change my mind and want to keep playing isn't so much that it is a ground-breaking new game, it isn't... it's basically the same game from a couple of years ago and almost the same game since it first began (why change something that works really well?) but I think it may be just how cool the game looks in Japanese, and as a student of the Japanese language having a tool like a computer game that you basically know how it will progress anyway is a very handy thing to have.

The two games will be released on the Nintendo DS system in Japan this June, with an Autumn release for both North America and Europe later this year.

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