Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sunday Laziness = Revision

Time for my first REAL post (after the intro), and it's time for Japanese...

Although it would be, but i ended up going to the in-laws for sunday lunch. So instead i thought it best to type up some notes and revise at the same time.

To start with, when i got up i read my Kanji and Kana books on my kindle (which i will probably write a review about at some point) just as some revision as i knew i wouldn't be able to put in the time i wanted for some serious study. Then once i had come back i started typing up my written notes on to the computer. I find that this really helps me as 1) i have terrible hand writing and even i cannot read it sometimes, and 2) it forces me to read the words again and this then jogs my memory into remembering the words i thought i had forgotten.

I learn nearly all of Japanese from, which i have signed up to a 2 year subscription for so i can download all their material and keep learning even after that period has finished. I am currently using their 'Newbie' lessons at the moment, mainly as a form of revision but surprisingly i am learning some new words even though i wouldn't define myself as a newbie, more a beginner as i have been studying Japanese seriously for around a year now. I am also hoping to finally take my JLPT 5 or JLPT 4 exam this year so i can finally make something more of myself, as i am currently an office administrator but would rather be doing something i really enjoy, and Japanese is really interesting and enjoyable.

I also had a bit of an epiphany while at jury service a few months ago. The defendant needed an interpretor throughout the case, and although the interpretor did not stop talking all throughout the case it made me really want to go into interpretation as a career, which is what i am aiming for now.

I will have to take some pictures for the next posts (my phone is on charge at the moment so i cannot upload any pictures just yet) and i will be able to show what i am learning/reading, and just how bad my handwriting is.

Until next time :)