Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Kanji revision, and then 5 more

Hello All,

Just a quick update today as work has taken it out of me today, so I am quite tired today, but I wanted to start posting at least once a day on here as a sort of online journal of my studies, and so that if anyone else is interested in the Japanese language they can read this and see what I have learnt and maybe use this as revision for their own studies.

Today I listened to the next lesson in the beginner series of japanesepod101 (lesson 58 if memory serves me correctly), and then this evening I revised the kanji that I had learnt previously and then learnt 5 new kanji characters. This takes my known kanji upto around 50 characters, and seeing as you only need to know around 100 kanji for the JLPT5 examination I am halfway there.

Time for bed soon, where I shall relisten to the japanese lesson from earlier, so I shall post again tomorrow.