Sunday, 3 July 2011

A Fresh Start!

Hello Everyone,

I have been toying with this idea for a little while, and after seeing 2 of my friends yesterday had created Blogger accounts i thought i would finally take the plunge. I have previously used Wordpress to create my blog, but it always seemed a bit too formal for me and the ways that i wanted to use my blog.

The main reason I started that blog was to keep up-to-date on my Japanese studies and to post them to friends, current and new, to show them what i am up to. The blog started very well, with me posting something everyday about the new words i had learnt, but i slowly got fed-up and stopped posting about 3 months ago. I believe the reason was because it all seemed too professional, whereas i just wanted something informal to show my friends, so now i'm here!!

Just to let you know, i will be mostly posting about the Japanese studies i will be doing, but i will also include other posts relating to games, books, movies and music from time to time, just so i can keep as much interest in this blog for me to post, and hopefully for others to enjoy. I may even post some lessons on Japanese for people if they are new to the language and would like some help from another (relatively) newbie ^_^

Well, that's the introduction out of the way, i hope people will read this blog, and i hope i can make friends with like minded people through this aswell.