Sunday, 24 July 2011

Nichiyoubi Update

Hello all

I have been rather busy for the last few days, so i haven't had much time to update my blog, but that doesn't mean my studies have stopped. I have been studying Kanji a bit more frequently this week, as it dawned on me that there is less than 5 months for my JLPT5 exam, and even less time to get my entry in for the exam. The kanji characters have always been my downfall, so i thought it best to study those a bit more as i tend to not have much trouble picking up the vocabulary.

Today however, i have been studying some vocabulary whilst doing some housework and cleaning my car. This gave me around 2hrs of study time, and although it wasn't dedicated time i still picked up a lot of the words.

I am going out shortly and hope to update my blog again later with my written studies. Also, i still need to complete those reviews i keep mentioning, if only there were more hours in the day!!

Until next time, またねい!

p.s. if you are unsure on the title, nichiyoubi is the Japanese word for Sunday