Monday, 18 July 2011

A change of pace (and lesson)

Hello everyone,

Today I did not manage to complete as much Japanese as I would have hoped, but the main reason for this is the lesson I was studying from was just repeating the vocabulary that I already knew. Therefore, the next lesson I am going to study will be from the Beginner section of Japanesepod101.

I also had another look at some Japanese textbooks that I have been contemplating buying for a few days now, and as I get paid on Thursday I think I may have to buy one or two of them then :)

I did however get sidetracked at work on my lunchbreak. Me and one of my work colleagues have started playing table football (or foosball, depending how you wish to pronounce it) on most of our breaks, but as we have played against eachother quite a lot now our games take even longer as we know how eachother play, so my intended quick burst of Japanese on my break did not go to plan.

I am hoping to complete some Japanese before I go to bed, but if not I shall listen to the listen whilst laying in bed so I can write some notes tomorrow.

Cya tomorrow :)

p.s. I am lining up a few reviews of things in the next few days, being for films, books, and games, so look out for them :)