Saturday, 9 July 2011

Just a quick Saturday update

Hello again,

I've been a little busy for the last couple of days, so haven't had the chance to post anything, nor learn as much Japanese as i hoped.

I recently decided that i want to study for around 2 hours a day, be that solely learning new vocabulary or a combination of new vocabulary and revision, which hasn't gone to plan as much as i would like it to recently. For example, today i have completed around 45mins of revision but no new vocabulary at the moment. The reason for today is that i had a dentist appointment for a filling and hygienist in the middle of the day, and had other bits of housework to do, like cleaning out our rabbit hutch, which has collectively taken all the energy out of me today so haven't been able to put my mind to work as easily as normal.

The revision i did manage to complete was going over the Kanji i have studied. I recently purchased 'Kanji de Manga' for my kindle after completing the 'Kana de Manga' ebook (my review here) which is where i have been doing most of my kanji revision, but i also have Kanji flashcards that i bought from Amazon a while ago that i use aswell. I will be reviewing 'Kanji de Manga' soon, as it is another ebook i would recommend to anyone going for the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) examinations.

Now, i'm off to do some more revision and will be posting again soon :)