Thursday, 3 May 2012

Japanese Studies - 1st and 2nd May

I really wish I would post more often about my Japanese language studies, I just never seem to have the laptop for long enough before my wife steals it back, so this post is coming to you from the Blogger android app instead! (i apologise in advance for any spelling mistakes, I am now at the mercy of autocorrect on a touchscreen Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray)

I've finally started to get back in to studying on a daily basis, which I haven't successfully managed to do for a few months now. The amount of study I have completed has not been anywhere near it should be for a 'serious' self-studying student (try saying that a few times quickly :-P) which is something I am still working on.

However, only yesterday I installed the AnkiDroid app on my phone and can now use the anki JLPT cards that some kind people have uploaded, and this is already proving a brilliant alternative to standard notebook based revision.

Anyway, back to the studies, 2 lessons completed today (with maybe one more crammed in before I go to sleep tonight), one being a continuation of a previous dialogue about Japanese voicemail systems, and the second teaching a valuable grammatical lesson of how to say "please do not".
As I cannot really check everything on this phone that easily I shall end the description here and leave you with the pictures of my studies:

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