Monday, 7 May 2012

UK Anime & Manga Releases - 07/05/2012 to 13/05/2012

Sorry for the delay again this week, we are in the process of moving house so we have spent the weekend just gone packing up the majority of our belongings ready for the move date (which should be the end of this week, or some point next week depending when the solicitors decide what they are doing...)

Anyway.... It's time to have a look at the new releases coming to you this week.

Another slightly quiet week this week, but we do have one full series release again this week (albeit, the only anime release this week). Couple that with a few manga releases and you have the entirety of the new releases.
(EDIT: I've just had a quick look at next weeks releases, and there is quite a big one coming then!)

Here they are for your reading pleasure:
Monday 7th May
Kiddy Grade - Complete Collection

Tuesday 8th May
A Certain Scientific Railgun - Vol.4 
InuYasha - Vol.11 

Thursday 10th May
20th Century Boys - Vol.20
Case Closed - Vol.42