Saturday, 10 March 2012

UK Anime & Manga Releases - 12/03/2012 to 18/03/2012

It's that time of the week again where we have a look at the new Anime and Manga releases for the coming week.

Following the recent trend, there is only one new anime release this week, but there are multiple manga releases. However, this week the manga releases are spread out a little bit more.

Monday 12th March
Phantom: Requim for the Phantom - Part 2

Monday 12th March
A Certain Scientific Railgun - Vol.3

Tuesday 13th March
Gate 7 - Vol.2
House of Five Leaves - Vol.6
Sailor Moon - Vol.4
Shugo Chara Chan - Vol.3

Thusday 15th March
Black Bird - Vol.13
Naruto - Vol.55
One Piece - Vol.61         

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