Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Time to get back in to the swing of things

Hello all,

As the title of this blog states, it's about time I got back in to the swing of things with my studies. I gave myself a week off due to some issues at home that were making it very hard, nigh on impossible, to concentrate on anything at all, and most of all my japanese studies. Now that my week is up I thought it would be best to start over.

My studies for this morning was more of a revision class. I decided to read over all the notes I have with me before I go in to the office (i tend to get to work around 30mins early, so I sit in my car and study before work). Unfortunately for me it was only half of the notes that I had with me, so I am going to revise some more later with the remainder of my notes.

I cannot believe just how much I had retained in having a week away from my studies. In the past if I had not been studying everyday I would tend to forget most things straight away, but at least my memory has decided to lend me a hand with this and made things easier. I did however forget a few words, but ones that won't tend to come up in conversation very often...i hope... (let's face it, who uses 'economics' or 'psychology' in everyday conversations?)

Time for work now, but I shall study some more later.